It’s a true story.

“The struggle was real, it displays the focus you must have to reach your goals. It’s a true example that with drive, dedication and having a goal is a powerful driving force. Thank you for being honest and transparent Max.”

– Ivan lopez From Amazon

Packed with wisdom – one of the best and most valuable business books you can read.

“Just finished reading this book and am shouting from the rooftops for everyone interested in improving their business to read it. The real Max Lewis is a dear friend who I admire deeply. I can tell you that this book is true (all except that names that have been changed). I’m a successful entrepreneur and also deep into personal development. Even so, I feel this booked is packed with wisdom. I learned a ton of insightful lessons that I’m already applying to my life and businesses. Whether you are looking to improve profits, relationships, or impact, this book provides numerous insights and distinctions…actually the better word is “breakthroughs”. Simply put, it is one of the most valuable business books you can read. And furthermore, it’s an approachable and easily understandable read.”

– MarkBuyerProfile From Amazon

This gets the CAPitalized Seal of Approval! One of the best business books I have read!

“I got to know Max when we were at an author conference promoting our books and immediately connected with his energy and genuine kindness. When he sent me his book, it was the most impressive display of literature I have ever seen! The content of his book is out of this world and he walks you step-by-step into how he went from 0 to $37,000,000 and if you are in the world of business and wanting to better yourself, you HAVE to snag this read.”

– Christopher Panagiotu From Amazon

Great Book!! Read it in 2 days!

“I am not an avid reader and I read the book in 2 days. I could not put it down. Very well written and easy to read. It is very inspiring and teaches you that with perseverance and patience you can accomplish whatever it is you are looking for.”

– Barbara Escobedo From Amazon

Who is Max Lewis a MUST READ!

“A+ book. A life story and lesson of the journey into a man’s hard work and dedication that leads to great success. Very well written book as well. I really enjoyed it. Highly recommended!”

– wayne perez jr From Amazon

If you’re seeking motivation, guidance, and a roadmap to achieve your entrepreneurial goals…

Max Lewis’ authenticity and wealth of experience shine through the pages of “Who is Max Lewis?”.

With over 20 years of business expertise, Lewis imparts practical strategies while maintaining a genuine connection with readers. His engaging writing style, combined with the interactive exercises at the end of each chapter, ensures that this book is not just a passive read, but an active experience that fosters personal growth and transformation.

If you’re seeking motivation, guidance, and a roadmap to achieve your entrepreneurial goals, “Who is Max Lewis?” is a must-read that will leave you inspired and ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

– Laurent Debrousse From Amazon

This Book Helped me Push Through

Thank you for bettering my perspective in the business world and for encouraging me to just remain patient and continue amidst all the turbulence.

This book gave me the peace to know that things in my life will turn out okay. Thank you for sharing your story. It makes me look forward and excited to create mine.

– Margaret From Amazon

If you are an Entrepreneur you will eat,sleep, dream this book

I love this book!!! Its an easy read, draws me into the story almost as if I were there experiencing it all with Max, like a side kick. Great writing. I appreciate the time spent on details that help with imaging being alongside Max. The lessons learned by Max resonate with how my parents taught me to work hard, save and respect the value of hard earned money.

I love the chapter reflection points. It guides me to look within and find how the chapter relates and how I can use the lesson in my business as the reader. It made me feel like I’m there being coached by Max.

This book is thought provoking! If you are a “go getter”, it will definitely ignite your business bug and keep your wheels spinning in a good way.. The chapter reflections are probably the only reason the reader wouldn’t just blow through this book in one sit down.

I can foresee people buying this book as an amazing gift, and that will continue to repeat to more friends and family members.

I highly recommend this book and I know I will be reading and reflecting back on it as a tool throughout my business(es) adventures.

– Dawn Marie Dawson From Amazon

This book is great for entrepreneurs

“Max Lewis’ book is a game changer for budding entrepreneurs. It masterfully fuses self-help guidance with real-world insights that are vital for business growth and wise decision-making. Reading it not only turned self-improvement into an engaging journey but also ignited a fresh enthusiasm for devouring more books. I was able to relate with multiple scenarios in this book that has helped me and my business tremendously. Overall great read, highly recommend.

– Ali From Amazon

A Humble Winner

“Max’s story is a hero’s journey from beginning to end. He’s quick to call out his missteps as well as successes, and how he’s learned from all of them. Max shows dwhat knocks us down can motivate us to jump even higher.

– Laurie Barkman From Amazon

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