Who is Max?

Over 20 years of business experience— and an excess of $100MILLION in cumulative sales— Max has proven to be one of the most effective and successful entrepreneurs of the 21st Century. He knows how to create phenomenal business results, yet, the road to success had its tough and grand lessons for him on the way there.

Life is a challenge, and reflecting on our lessons is how we cement our truths. With a unique vigor to take action, he has gained a wealth of knowledge and wisdom well beyond his years— and has written them into this book.

Max’s guidance has helped shape the lives of many, assisting others evolve into better versions of themselves and to define their own true purpose along the way. His experience will serve you immeasurably through many of life’s hurdles in all different areas.

After retiring at the young age of 36, Max set roots in the Florida Keys where he shares a home with his girlfriend and four-legged-fur-kids. In his free time he enjoys racing cars, traveling the globe, and fishing.

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